Church Locations

In The Netherlands, the Lord allows His people, to congregate every Sunday at eleven different places. There are two ministers serving these churches: Rev. S. de Marie, serving the congregation of Zwolle, and the ‘retired’ minister Rev. P. van Gurp who lives in Dalfsen (just east of Zwolle). From these places they also assist in the widely spread congregations. As you will understand this involves a lot of traveling
In this article we hope to give you an overview of the various congregations, in alphabetical order, as well as provide some information about each of them. We understand that names and facts alone will not bring these ‘far-away’ congregations much closer to the proverbial ‘bed’. Therefore, we would like to introduce you these congregations in more detail, ‘one at a time’, spread across future editions of this magazine." target="_blank">Click here to find information on internet about all local churches